The Staff

Senior Pastor John McCurley Doctor of Ministry


 Senior Pastor of the Covenant Church .

President "BERIT" Bible College and Theological Seminary and Graduate School

Evangelist Donald Swartout Master of Divinity


Minister of Children Church COTTPC

MDiv BERIT Theological Seminary 2018.

For Evangelist's Introduction Video See the Children's Church Ministry

Deacon Julius J. Johnson


President of the Men's Ministry at the Covenant of the Torch Church!

Eldress Yong Cha (Pak) Dorris


A Great Woman of the Faith!

Loves God ... Loves People!  

Wonderful leader of the Women's Ministry at Covenant of the Torch Church

Deacon Barry Dorris Bachelor of Biblical Studies




Hi!  I’m Deacon Barry Dorris a Member of the Covenant of the Torch Church.

The Covenant of the Torch Church (COTTPC)  is an awesome place! 

I believe our people love the Church and enjoy the opportunity they have to worship and learn here.

I know Our Men Love God and Studying His Word!

May God Bless you in the Year 2019! AMEN!

Deacon Valerie Daniel's

Vice-President Covenant of the Torch Women's Ministry!

Dr. Levi Kim (Associate Pastor) Video

Check out this great video